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About Us

As a parent you have the opportunity to view a variety of care providers for your child.  Our mission at Harmony Child Care and Learning Center is to provide a safe, nurturing environment that meets the developmental needs of your child with age appropriate activities.   We are licensed by DCYF, which monitors early childhood programs very closely throughout the state. Our program also is affiliated with Bright stars to expand on the best practices related to quality in Early Childhood education.  DCYF and Bright Stars have developed a set of operating standards, which we follow at all times.  These standards govern all areas of our program (i.e. health and safety, care giver certification, environment, curriculum, administration, etc.). In addition to these standards, we have several additional policies and procedures created to further ensure the safety and well being of your child. Our program is also designed around the Rhode Island Early Learning Standards, this is a framework to support all children as they grow and develop.  

Harmony Child Care and Learning Center Inc. will provide many opportunities for your child to interact socially with peers and care givers.  These interactions allow your child to develop social emotional skills, language skills and problem solving skills. Families play an important role in our program, and we encourage working closely together with you to ensure the well being and development of your child.  We value open communication between parents and staff. You are welcome in the 

Center at all times during the day to join your child for lunch, observe your child in the classroom, and to speak with the staff. Our educated and experienced teachers provide support not only for your child but also for you as a parent.  It is very important that your child establishes a trusting and respectful relationship with your provider. 

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