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           Here at Harmony Child Care the health and safety of the families and staff is our number one priority. We’ve collaborated with the Department of Human Services (DHS) as well as reviewed the CDC’s and the Department of Health’s (DOH) guidelines. We have also been following Gina Raimondo’s plans to re-open Rhode Island child care centers. ALL of the staff here at HCC has completed a DHS webinar about re-opening child cares in Rhode Island as well as partaking in ongoing staff training concerning additional cleaning routines and new protocols.

        I understand that the above bullets are a lot to read, take in and prepare for.  Our goal is to make everything as clear and normal as possible and answer as many questions as we can prior to opening so all families can be prepared together. Aside from taking care of the children and their needs, our most important goal is to meet the health and safety guidelines.

          Parents will need to fill out this COVID – 19 Screening Tool (click below, fill out, and click 'submit') each morning prior to dropping off their children. 


  • Maximum group size of 10 children

  • Maximum of 12 people total (including providers/teachers/staff)

  • All groups will be stable

  • Groups will remain consistent in the same space with the same provider when possible

  • Groups WILL NOT combine

  • The only shared space in our center will be playgrounds, if necessary. These playgrounds will be cleaned as outlined to us by DHS, DOH and CELP.

  • Staff will wear cloth masks at all times

  • Non essential employees and volunteers will be cancelled until further notice

  • Only employees, enrolled children and our DHS licensures will be allowed in the building

  • Drop off and Pick up procedures will be changed

  • Drop off and pick up times will be staggered

  • Operational hours may change

  • “Curbside drop off and pick up” for your children will be in place until further notice

  • When possible, same attendant will be at drop off and/or pick up

  • Daily sheets or daily emails will be distributed as means of knowing about child’s day at child care

  • All cloth and fabric toys will be removed from classrooms until further notice

  • Sensory materials will be isolated in individual use labeled containers for each individual child. Sharing will not be allowed

  • Smaller amounts of toys in each classroom

  • Sharing toys between classrooms will be prohibited

  • When possible extra spacing between children at meal time will occur


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