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Harmony Child Care & Learning Center

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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy at Harmony Child Care and Learning Center Inc. is that all children deserve the highest quality of Early Childhood Education that is safe, clean, diverse, and meet the developmental needs of each and every child.  Young children learn through play and discovery; environment is a critical role in the development of children. We provide experiences that promote development based on the Rhode Island Early Learning and Development Standards in all domains.


The curriculum is designed to meet the developmental needs of your child while promoting experiences that are rich in their interests and ability level.  We focus on process not product at our center; children explore and learn through play which teaches children to think creatively. The classroom is set up with learning centers for the children to explore. Centers include writing, math, science, cozy corner, table toys and manipulatives, listening center, blocks, dramatic play, creative arts, and social studies. 


Our child care offers center based classrooms where we believe children should learn through play.  We offer age appropriate materials in a clean, organized and well maintained environment. We believe in providing nurturing relationships with all the children that attend our center as well as their families. 


Communication between the center and family members are very important in a child’s life. Cooperating with families in a positive manner and building a relationship with each other is essential in order for children to feel safe and gain trust.  The center will abide by a complete open door policy.  Parents and family members are welcome at any time of day to visit with their child, participate in activities, eat lunch, and observe. Parents are asked to share relevant information pertaining to their child with the child's caregiver and vice versa in order to establish a mutually supportive relationship. This ultimately allows for the most positive experience for everyone - children, families, and staff members.


Above all, Harmony Child Care and Learning Center aims to provide a warm, safe, loving, educational environment where children feel welcome, secure, and nurtured.

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Our Testimonials

See What They’re Saying

I remember the first time it hit me; I had to go back to work and leave my children in the care of another. I had such anxiety that I procrastinated the process of deciding the place, and everyone would give advice about picking a daycare as you do a spouse... "You'll just know!" we had just moved into Glocester and I met some families and they all advised the same place; Harmony Childcare and Learning Center! Once I met Shana and visited the facility I just knew it was the right place for my children. The anxiety I felt about leaving them was no longer there, and the staff at Harmony not only helped my children transition into daycare, but me as well. 

Since then I have had a third child in four years, so all three of them have been at Harmony Child care together. I have watched the transition into each age group/room many times. I am still amazed at how patient, kind and educated the staff is in caring for ALL the children. Not only do I see them treat my children well, but I see them treat the children of others well which speaks volumes! I regularly walk in unexpected and am thoroughly impressed each time. I find the teachers and assistants are not there to just watch over the kids; they are there to teach them social skills, eating habits, health management and to start of their learning/education. They are there out of genuine interest in caring for the children and understanding of their unique ages and stages.

The room that particularly amazes me is the infant/baby room. I find this age to be difficult to care for since the child cannot express his/herself well, if at all. I would worry , "How do I know they will know what she needs?" I felt so comfortable leaving my baby in their care. There were actual times where I was not sure what to do with my daughter when she could not tell me what she needed, and I called Harmony to ask her teacher what works best... and it worked!

Another interesting point is that my boys are old enough to tell me about their days, and I love to hear their stories, so I know they are happy there as it seems. My kids do not attend in the summer and I actually have to take them to visit because they miss it during the short time they are not there. I can whole-heartedly tell you to feel confident about putting your children in the care of Harmony Childcare and Learning Center. I know my children do not only enjoy being at Harmony, but the teachers enjoy my children as well. 

We can't express our appreciation enough! As first time parents, you worry constantly and want the best for your child. You've all had such a profound effect on our child and her development. Thank you for making it easier to leave her in someone else's hands! The love, care, and kindness you all demonstrate is evident in her personality- she's so excited to go to daycare! We appreciate all of you, your hard work, and your dedication!

Thank you for all that you have done for our child this year. From the love and snuggles to helping him learn new things and have fun, we greatly appreciate it all.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the kids. It was another great year on the books and we appreciate all you do for our family.

Thank you so much for taking good care of our child. We never worried about him and knew he was loved!!

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I have been sending my 3 1/2 year old daughter to Harmony Childcare Daycare center since she has been five months old and just started sending her little sister who is now 7 months old. Evert day at drop off time, I have a wonderful feeling of security that my children are in good hands. The facility is very neat and clean and they always have plenty of staff on hand to handle my children's needs. 

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185 Putnam Pike # 10, Chepachet, RI 02814, USA

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